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Rapporter ce messageRépondre en citantTrans Zen, 867 Ontario E. 514 507 6503 par Montreal Massage » Ven Nov 12, 2010 5:11 pm


A friend decided to go here and try this place out,

He tells me it went like this ;

He goes through the main entrance and rings the doorbell between the doors. Nobody saw him enter and nobody knows he’s between the doors on account of the blacked out doors. Soon he hears high heels walking towards the entrance door. A moment later a beautiful brunette opens the door with a look of surprise on her face. She greets him with a smile and asks if he had an appointment with a puzzled voice. He tells her no he didn’t. She was kind of surprised but at the same time happy to see him. She let him in and asked how much time he wanted. At first he wasn’t sure but went with the hour. She told him it was 120 for the hour and it included everything. He went with it. And then offered him to shower, to which he readily agreed. He was led to a small but comfortable room with blue back lit curtains. She handed him a robe and showed him to the shower just across the hall. He asked if she was going to massage him. She said there was another girl if he would like to see her. He nodded, not that there was anything wrong with first one. He found her very pretty with long dark hair midway down her back. Beautiful dark eyes and a sweet smile. Her breasts were full and natural looking and she had (I quote) a hell of an ass ! She was about 5’7’’ in heels about 120lbs. She sent in the other girl. She was even more beautiful than the first with similar features and body except she was taller, about 6’ with heels. Her name is Jessy, and she was a total knockout. According to my friend she was one of the best looking girls he ever saw and a body to die for. But He had already had a pretty good feeling with the first girl and her name is Chloe. So when Chloe came back he said he would stay with her and she was very pleased and showed her appreciation by grabbing his crotch and giving him a kiss with her full soft lips.

The shower room is large enough to change out of your clothes and there are hooks to hang them on. He drew the curtain shut and stepped into the shower closing the door behind him. They have good quality shower soap, new shower and all. He said he enjoyed the shower experience too. When he dried off with the towel provided by Chloe he put on the clean robe and went to his room like a good little boy. Chloe came in shortly after while he finished placing his clothes on the hooks in the room. She undid the robe sash and opened it taking a look at his goods, she was nicely impressed (not sure about this part, so he tells me). He got on the new massage table and Chloe began to massage his back with a massage cream. He said it was unscented and felt really good. Chloe also asked him if he had ever been with a Tgirl, when he said no, she told him to relax and she would take care of him and he did.

He said Chloe was really into the massage. Giving him a good massage on his back, then moved around to the front of the table and worked his shoulders nicely. He said she had good pressure and was probably self taught. Chloe moved her way from his shoulders and down his back to his butt, applying more cream there. She massaged his butt nicely and remained professional even though it seemed she was getting into it more and more. She then moved down his legs, working her way down to his ankles and then back up to his inner thighs. (so far this sounds like what we get from the regular girls)

When she reached his inner thighs she began rubbing his boys gently, then back to his butt and then back down to his boys while he was still on his stomach. The more she played with him the more turned on he got till he couldn’t take it any longer. He said he naturally reached for her butt and began feeling it. She reached around the side of his hips slipping a hand underneath him and grabbed his tool. He reached around the front of her and pulled down on her lingerie and felt her breasts. He said they felt real. She eventually flipped him over he continued playing with her breasts. His other hand moved down her back to her butt again. He said she really liked that.

He said he was totally into it. He found her so pretty and she looked very hot. He felt like he was with a normal girl, the way she touched him, the way she looked, the way she sounded as she felt him getting harder and harder. He concentrated on her butt and breasts and he exploded in a way he never felt before. He said he’d never cum so hard in his life that he had to grab onto her really tightly. He said he thought he was going to pass out. After Chloe told him to relax for a bit. And joined him on the table with a big smile asking him if he enjoyed the experience. He said he was lost for words and only nodded. Chloe leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips with a smile. She said she enjoyed it too.

That part of Ontario Street is pretty quiet except for the occasional passing car. At the end of it all he said he’d go back as fucked up as it sounded to him, I could tell he was serious. I think more took place than he told me but I’ll never really know. All I can say is he has me half convinced to give it a try.‎"All that is not given is lost"

"नहीं है कि सभी खो दिया है" ?

A quick review posted on May 28th

desided to take a walk in the area to see what the fuss was about. In a one hour 1/2 span 5 guys went in on came back out and all the rest stayed. A good ratio. I decided to walk in met Jessy one hot looking babe. I would never had guessed she was a man before. She convinced me to stay for at least 30 mins all included for 100. She actually gave quite a good massage. Breasts looked real althouh i saw the scar from implants. Real Tgirl next door. Made me feel at ease and I actually left feeling great and no regrets as I sometimes do at other places.


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Atm machine now at Trans Zen /

Guichet automatique disponible a Trans Zen